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The Essence of Being Me is finding rainbows when it rains

Today, as so very often, it was again Mother Nature who was the inspiration for this post. As I am sitting on my porch and the rain is pouring down, its noise almost overruling the song of the birds, and its grey curtain blurring the world beyond it, I am reminded to find the beauty in everything. I used to find rain very depressing and it could definitely ruin my mood for the day. I saw it as a limitation to my freedom to go outside. I saw it as a restriction to certain activities that I was longing to do. It did not occur to me that rain was equally beautiful as sunshine and that without rain I would never be able to see a rainbow in the sky.

As I went along on my journey, and Mother Nature showed me how everything I see in her is also in me, I learned this valuable lesson of balance. As Mother Nature showed me how every single thing has its meaning and purpose, I discovered in the same way that everything I experience has something valuable to teach me. I learned about love and acceptance. If I can love the rain for the lushness it brings to the grass and to my vegetable garden, then I can find a way to accept the sadness in me that sometimes finds its way in tears down my cheeks. If I can trust that this rain is there to help the plants grow and create the beauty of a rainbow together with the sun, then I can find a way to trust that also my feelings of confusion and sadness will bring me growth and the beauty of different possibilities.

And I know now that the only thing I need to do is to look beyond the curtain, to listen beyond the noise to find the rainbow. And that different approach to whatever I experience in life, has created endless new opportunities for me to step into. I no longer see the rain as a limitation and I no longer see my fears as a failure. I see them as moments of growth, and of learning. I see them as an opportunity to take another step forward on my journey.

And you know, the birds never stopped singing, even if the noise of the rain was making it almost impossible to hear them. And the world never stopped being beautiful, even if the curtain of rain was making it blurry. And most importantly, the sun never stopped shining, even if the clouds were temporarily hiding its rays. And so Mother Nature taught me that my light never goes out, even if sometimes it is a bit harder for me to find it. And my wisdom never disappears, even if sometimes it is hiding behind the chatter of my mind. And the beauty of life is always available to me, even if sometimes it seems impossible to reach.

It will rain and sometimes it will even pour, but it is up to us to remember that there is always a rainbow waiting for us to see. It is up to us to find the courage to look and listen beyond and discover the possibilities of growth that are being offered to us. It is up to us to accept the gift of the rainbow brought to us by the exact balance between sun and rain.

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