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What is

the taste of life?

When we stop running away from everything we don't like, whether it is because the taste is unfamiliar, bitter, strong, scary, or maybe overwhelming, we will discover the true taste of life.

The Taste of Becoming Me

In a world of speed, stress, confusion, and fear, the Taste of Life is your bridge to a life of freedom, ease, joy and well-being.

The Taste of Life offers you the tools and support to cross the bridge from being a victim of life and its circumstances to becoming an empowered creator of YOUR life.

Why  "The Taste of Life"?


I regularly get the question why I named my website the Taste of Life and why all my stories start with the Taste of? Why is Taste so important to me and what does it have to do with my emotions?


Well, exactly like food will trigger a certain emotion of comfort and happiness or resistance and rejection, life situations and events will trigger the exact same emotions. Some situations make us feel happy and euphoric and other situations make us feel sad and anxious. Making our life taste either delicious and craving for more, or making it taste awful and like nothing we ever want to taste again.

Life will happen and we will be confronted with situations and events that we definitely do not like. We have a tendency to run away from or fight what we dislike, but have you ever considered that maybe, just maybe, even in a taste you utterly dislike there might something new and special to be found, so that afterwards you can say” well I really did not like that taste, but I have to say that I have come to appreciate it for what it is”.


That is what happened to me when I was diagnosed with cancer. The debilitating anxiety and fear that I experienced was definitely not a taste that I liked. I rejected it, fought it with everything I had, tried to run away from it, only to find out that there was nowhere to go. So, in the end I decided to give in and explore this awful taste. What was in there for me to discover?

Well, turns out there was a lot for me to discover. First and foremost I learned that in accepting my darkness (which was my anxiety and fear) I found the courage to also embrace my light. It was the most important step on my journey of self-love. I discovered that in fighting my darkness, I was also fighting my light and that I was actually very much afraid of showing the real me to the world.

Once I took the step to no longer fight the parts of me that I disliked, I noticed that my Taste of Life slowly started changing.

When we are eating the same thing over and over again, it may start tasting bland and uninteresting after a while. When we introduce a new and foreign taste, we may be hesitant and reluctant at first, but when we dare to take the time to explore it, we will find that it enriches us and makes our experience fuller.

The Taste of Life holds so many facets and if we were not able to taste all of them, we would not be having the full experience of life. Once we are able to look beyond our initial response, we discover the gift that is hiding in every taste. For me, looking back, my cancer diagnosis was definitely a bad taste at first but one that has brought me great gifts and that I can now in all honesty say that I am deeply grateful for.


The Taste of Life is unique for each and everyone of us and it is our privilege to discover our personal taste of life.


Explore The Taste of Life and let your heart be filled with limitless possibilities.

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