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The Essence of Being Me is Bursting with New Possibilities

Well, we made it to 2021. Happy New Year everyone! Wishing you all a year filled with joy, hugs, healing, and new possibilities.

After many months of feeling suspended in time and space, with no real urge to move forward or to step into something new, I have felt a slow shift starting to manifest in the last few days of 2020. A shift into an expansion of being. A shift towards a completely new energy of creation. A shift into opening up to new possibilities.

And yes, we are still finding ourselves in a lockdown and the whole COVID mess does not seem to be improving much, but there seems to be a slightly different energy that has entered my experience. A lightness filling me with hope and even excitement for what is to come. I seem to be shifting from being suspended to moving into action. I admit that it is a slow shift, with some days still being somewhat blurred in chaos, but overall the energy feels open and new.

And since I know that we are all connected, I also know that this energy is not just there for me. We are all shifting, we are all expanding. We are all ready to take a step forward. New possibilities are opening up for all of us. Of that I am sure. Now, I also know that there is still some lingering heaviness, some chaos to move through. But we have this new energy to help us navigate through the debris of our past beliefs. And then, slowly, this newness of being will grow, become stronger, until we no longer feel held back. The chaos will transform into clarity. The heavy fog will lift completely and reveal the wide open landscape of possibility.

We are moving, my friends, slowly but surely. The only thing we have to do is to allow this energy in, to say yes to new ideas being born. When our creativity is being sparked, then let's create! When we are called to move, then let's move! When we are invited to feel hopeful and happy, then let's do so! When we experience excitement for what is to come, then let's believe it!

Can you feel, like me, that this big heavy door has opened and that light is shining into our experience? Can you feel that our being is preparing to move forward and expand? Can you feel this new lightness entering our world? I really hope you do. And if you had not until now, then I hope that my writing may have brought you that little spark. Just allow that spark into your being and let it grow. I am letting my spark grow by actively changing old habits, by creating new ways for me to connect and getting my voice out into the world. I am letting my spark grow by focusing on all the beauty that I have in my life. I am letting my spark grow with a generous dose of hope and dreams,

Here is to a new year in which all our sparks may grow and grow until we are all bursting with new possibilities.

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