Essence of Being Retreats

My journey has taken me on wondrous roads and has me connecting with people in the most heartfelt way. I am beyond grateful for the wisdom and lessons shared with me and for the opportunities I am being offered to continue sharing and exploring my true Self. We all deserve to discover the map that leads us to our Essence, that place of peace and quiet and infinite knowledge. 

My map has lead me to start 'Essence of Being Retreats - Inspiring retreats to find the path to a life of confidence, self-expression and aliveness'. I have partnered with the beautiful Marise Foster of Numa Wellbeing to organize retreats that are guiding people on their journey of life, helping them in discovering the map to their essence and the beauty and possibilities that are available to them.

During a relaxing weekend getaway you can discover new and exciting possibilities that will enhance your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. Our retreats provide an open, safe space to focus on oneself through a variety of relaxing, creative and stimulating activities in a natural setting.

I have discovered that my purpose is to be a 'life coach' and that the best way to share the wisdom and experiences that are provided to me is not only through my books and my Trame Therapy, but also through my gift of communication and connection. Essence of Being Retreats is the ultimate expression of my gifts in the world.

I invite you to explore the Essence of Being Retreats website and be inspired to start or continue your journey to the essence of who you really are: magnificent.

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