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The Essence of Being Me

My journey has been leading me on amazing adventures and is taking me deeper and deeper into me. 

I hope you will enjoy my new blog and that it may inspire and guide you further on your own journey of loving yourself and discovering the magnificence of who you are. Check out my Blog page.

For a deeper look into the stories from my book and the Seven Steps to a life of freedom, joy and well-being, I invite you to have a look at my YouTube video series. This series is all about how changing your mindset changes your whole life. This series is there for you to take that first step on the bridge to the life your heart is yearning to live.

Go to my Videos page or click here to visit my YouTube channel

In the second half of the year you can expect the launch of a free webinar explaining the 7 steps of my Crossing the Bridge program. This webinar will teach you in a really easy way how to shift from being a victim to being in charge of what your life looks and feels like. Once it is available the link will be posted here.

This webinar will give you the opportunity to sign up for the complete Taste of Life course "Crossing the Bridge". This course will take you step by step across the bridge to a life of feeling fulfilled, clear and fully embraced by abundance and well-being.

The journey continues and I am looking forward to travelling it with you.


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