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The Essence of Being Me is speaking my truth even if it is uncomfortable

Speaking my truth to me means being real. It means sharing myself with the world, without holding back. It means no longer hiding behind the fear of being judged or criticized. It means no longer caring to be considered different or even weird. Speaking my truth is something that I had to learn and it means a lot more than just choosing the right words. It is allowing my light to shine in all its colors. It is no longer disguising or dimming these colors because that might just be easier. Speaking my truth is sometimes uncomfortable, maybe even scary, but without it I am nothing but a weak reflection of who I truly am.

As I said, it is something I had to learn, because before I started my journey, before I stepped into the unconditional love for myself, I was too afraid to show my true self to the world. Having an opinion was dangerous. Being different was unacceptable. Standing my ground was selfish. Being real was too risky. What if this real me would not be accepted, would be ridiculed, would be considered a failure. What if there was no light to shine? What if my truth was unworthy? All those years of my life I was hiding, afraid to shine my light and at the same time afraid to discover that there was no light. Although my truth was something that was inherently me, I had to go and search for it. Because all those years of hiding and camouflaging, left me with no idea what my truth actually was. What was this light that I was meant to shine?

On my journey I discovered that my truth was many things. There was the shaman in me that wanted to become visible. There was the writer in me that wanted to express herself. There was the intuitive healer in me that wanted to come out. There was this powerful knowing that needed to be shared. Finding my truth was an adventure, speaking it and sharing it with the world is my freedom.

Speaking my truth also means holding on to my values and never being afraid to share them. My truth is strength, love, and respect. My truth does not judge nor does it differentiate. My truth is knowing that we are one with everyone and everything around us. Speaking my truth has nothing to do with political opinions. Speaking my truth is listening to the knowing inside of me, honoring who I really am and standing for it without hesitation. In our essence we are all one. We are George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. We are that homeless person. We are gay. We are of different religions and color. That is our truth. It breaks my heart that some people have forgotten about their truth. It breaks my heart that some people think they are speaking their truth, but could not be further away from it. It breaks my heart that some people are so lost in their darkness that they have forgotten about their light. But at the same time my heart is filled with hope because of all those people that are finding the courage to search for their truth, honor their truth, express their truth. My heart is filled with hope because of all those people that stand in unity, in their knowing that there is only one truth and that when once we find it, we all speak the same language: the language of love.

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