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The Essence of Being Me is Nourishment for my Soul

Sounds like such a big title, doesn't it? What in the world is nourishment for my soul? Fifteen years ago, I probably would have frowned at a title like this and not even have bothered to read any further. Now, I know that nourishing my soul means giving myself the love that I deserve. And then again, what does that mean? It simply means that I do things for myself that make me feel whole and at peace. In times of confusion, stress and uncertainty this is as essential to me as feeding my body. My soul needs nourishment in order to keep me grounded. Over the past few weeks, with the chaos and distress we are experiencing in the world, I have noticed an increasing need to feed my soul. So, how do I do that?

Basically in doing anything that brings me back to my essence. Anything at all that opens the door to find connection with that place of wholeness, wisdom and clarity inside of me. Because it is exactly that connection that feeds my soul at the deepest level.

What that meant for me last week was making time for a guided meditation at least once a day. I love guided meditations because in focusing on the words and visualizations I give my mind a rest and as such have easier access to that place of stillness. It is exactly in this stillness that I experience connection with my true self and hear the comforting messages from my soul.

Another thing I did last week was going on nature walks. Listening to the wind and the birds, feeling the sun on my face, seeing little signs of spring around me, a chipmunk sitting on a dead tree trunk, a flash of bright red when a cardinal swooshes into the woods, the cawing of seven raven when they fly overhead - it all provides me with a deep level of connection. On one of my walks I was called to bring items back with me and create a gift for Mother Earth. This was on the day of the Equinox, a day when we say goodbye to the old and welcome the new. That afternoon when I was creating the gift in a large piece of bark, filling it with seed pods, pieces of wood, pine cones, and dried flowers representing all the pain, stories, beliefs, separation of the world that was ready to go, and then adding fresh green leaves and a snake painted on a dried Hosta leaf representing the transformation and the new beginning that we as a world are stepping into, I felt my soul humming with love. Through these items and the ceremonial way of creating the gift, I was connecting with everyone and everything, nourishing my soul at the deepest possible level. Later that night when I was offering the gift to the fire, seeing the flames devour the pain and separation, and watching the smoke carry the possibilities for a new beginning into the heavens, I felt whole and at peace.

Ceremony and nature are for my soul what pasta is for my body (anyone who knows me knows what I am talking about!). Utterly comforting and oh so yummy.

Writing this blog and making my daily commitments online, playing with my dog and reading an inspiring poem or listening to a beautiful song are other ways in which I feed my soul.

Especially in these times of uncertainty and anxiety, please remember to take the time to feed your soul. If you listen really carefully you will know what it needs.

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