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The Essence of Being Me is having the courage to show my wounds

I used to think that admitting to one's fears was a sign of weakness. I used to think that showing one's vulnerability was not done. I used to think that being strong meant hiding one's emotions. I used to think that I was a strong woman because instead of showing my wounds, I was acting positive and upbeat. I used to think all that before I went on my journey of discovering the real me.

When, nine years ago, I started this big shift in my life, my wounds were so big and overwhelming that there was no hiding them. These wounds were my darkness, my fears, my anxiety. I felt ashamed and weak for showing them. I did not like my vulnerability being exposed to the world. I was afraid of being judged and shunned. After all, the world did not like weak people, right?

As I was progressing on my journey, I came to learn that it is only from our own wounds that we can help others. I discovered that my definition of strength had been warped all along because it took way more courage to embrace my weakness than to hide it. Accepting my darkness and fears, moving through them and sharing them with the world is the most courageous act I have ever done. A courage that was found in the depths of my self, in the essence of me. Showing my vulnerability was actually my biggest strength.

Over the years I have learned that it is exactly because of my wounds that I am able to be a guide for people with similar wounds. When I share and talk openly about my darkness and anxiety I can reach places in a person that would otherwise remain closed. And it is exactly this connection that allows us to recognize the strength that is there. That is why it is so extremely important that we all find the courage to show our wounds. Because that is the only way in which we can inspire others. Showing our wounds brings about a level of understanding and a bond that are healing.

These past few weeks I have been moving through another level of my wounds, deepening my understanding. I can see my wounds now as a path to an even greater strength and as an opportunity to expand my contribution to this world. I have been pushed out of my comfort zone once again and what I found was multiple ways for me to grow. I decided to take my sharing to another level and started a YouTube channel where I talk about my wounds. Oh my, so uncomfortable indeed. Old fears of not being good enough resurfacing. "Keep going", my essence said, "this is what you are meant to do. Showing your wounds and the strength of your vulnerability is your contribution to this time of chaos." And because my essence knows everything there is to know, I listen and keep going.

I think that it is so important right now that we come together as a community. Our world is shifting in ways so big and overwhelming that those of us who can, need to ground ourselves for those of us who cannot. Those of us who can, need to tap into the support and wisdom of mother earth and share with those of us who cannot. Those of us who can, need to dive into our wounds and show the way for those of us who cannot. We are all one. We are all courageous and strong.

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