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The Essence of Being Me is having a Place to Rest when Times are Chaotic

In the past week more than before, I have been feeling the pull of fear and anxiety. Watching the news and being on social media certainly does not help. Times are chaotic, times are uncertain and everything has changed. We are being asked to go inward, spend time with our Self and listen to our inner voice. But what if we don't want to hear what that inner voice is saying? What if inside we feel overwhelmed with heaviness, darkness and fear? We are so used to a world in which it is easy to run away from being still and aware of our emotions, that this can feel quite uncomfortable. Change is uncomfortable and right now the world is going through a monumental shift, leaving some of us literally gasping for air. The interesting part is that the place we are trying to run away from, is actually the only place in which we can rest.

Having been on my journey for almost ten years, moving through times of great personal darkness and chaos, I know this. I know this with my whole being, and still I notice how heaviness and angst try to wriggle their way into my being. And I accept that, it is a part of who I am. It also allows me to go deeper and be a better guide for those who need it. The part that is different now for me than it was ten years ago is that I understand that I am the one who decides which path to take. I am the one who has the power to say no to fear and yes to love. In saying yes to love, I am keeping my vibration at a high frequency, thus dissolving the lower frequencies of fear and anger. And even if I don't succeed all the time, the most important part is that I am committed to it. Over and over again, I will choose love and thus elevate my vibration. And in that vibration I find my place to rest. Chaos and fear fall away and make room for peace and stillness.

Right now the world is suffocating under a heavy veil of fear and hopelessness. In keeping our own personal vibration high, together we can lift that veil. Not by fighting and pushing, but simply by being who we are meant to be: pure unconditional love.

As always, I turn to Mother Earth to help me in this. On my walks I hear the birds singing and I feel a deep appreciation for their song of beauty. I see the trees standing strong and rooted and I thank them for giving me strength. I hear the water in the thawing river softly gurgling and I feel soothed and peaceful. I feel the sun on my face and I am warmed by her love. Out in nature I am reminded how deeply loved and supported we all are. I let that feeling settle into my heart and I take it home to guide me through the day. I found my place to rest in this time of chaos.

I wish for you to find your place to rest and from my heart to yours, I send you all my love.

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