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The Essence of Being Me is Having a Light Heart

Today I was listening to Christmas music in my car when the words "May your heart be light" caught my attention and worked themselves into a title for my next blog. But what does it mean to have a light heart and is it even possible to have a light heart when being confronted with heaviness in your life? Let's dive into that.

I think it is safe to say that there is a lot of heaviness going around in the world these days. A heaviness that all of us, in one way or another, are being confronted with. A heaviness that has the potential to drag us down and suffocate us. And that is exactly why, especially now, it is so very important to keep our hearts light and bright. "But how?", you might say, "this heaviness is too powerful for me, I don't know how to escape it."

Well, there are a few things to be said in answer to this. First of all, you are way more powerful than you think you are. You have all that power inside of you and the only thing you need to do to access it, is to believe in yourself. Every single moment of every single day we have the possibility to choose which path we are going to take. Are we going for light or heavy, doom or possibility, fear or hope? We have the power to make that choice. And I know that sometimes it may seem impossible to choose light and hope, I know that sometimes it may just seem too overwhelming to do anything but going down, I know. But here is the thing: that choice is always, always there and that choice is power.

Second of all, we do not need to escape the heaviness. Running away, hiding, fighting: none of this will do us any good. The more we try to escape, the more we fight, the heavier we are going to feel. Acceptance is one of the stepping stones to a light heart. The heaviness is there. Everything in this life is rooted in duality: night & day, summer & winter, light & heavy. This duality is part of life, without the one, the other would not exist. The key is to find the unity in this duality, to find balance, to accept both as part of life. In accepting the heaviness for what it is, we take the step to transmute it, it will lose its grip over us. Everything in life can always be seen as either something to bring us down or something to help us grow on our path. The choice is ours.

As to what we can do to make our heart light, there is plenty. A heart filled with love, is a light heart. The only thing we need to do is to allow love to fill our heart. There are moments when this happens automatically and we experience a burst of "feel good" energy. But other times we have to consciously remind ourselves of all the love that is there. The love we have for others and the love that others have for us. Allow this love to lighten you heart.

Gratitude is another uplifting emotion. And no matter what is happening in our lives, there will always, always be something to be grateful for. And you know, a spark is enough to relight the fire in your heart and lift it up. Again, sometimes it is necessary to consciously remind ourselves of everything we have to be grateful for. It is so easy to forget this and to keep focusing on all that we are missing. Let's focus on what we have.

A light heart is a heart that is filled with love, gratitude, possibility, hope. A light heart is what we need to navigate the darkness. A light heart is not only showing us the way, but is at the same time guiding those around us. And so, to go with the words of the Christmas song: "May your heart be light". That's my wish for all of you, from my heart to yours.

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