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The Essence of Being Me is believing in magic

I remember as a child it being so easy to believe in magic. When I was a child anything was possible and magic was everywhere. There was no overthinking, no doubt, no questioning. There was only a heart filled with wonder and endless possibilities. And then at some point that changed. Probably at the point when the adults in my life did not think it was wise to allow me to keep believing in magic, because magic does not exist, right? And then the mind kicks in, trying to rationalize every experience and protecting us from being ridiculed, because magic does not exist, right?

Once in a while we wish we could go back to that childhood belief that anything is possible, but then we quickly tell ourselves that it is better to stick to reality, because magic does not exist, right?

My journey back to my Self showed me that magic does exist, that in fact it is everywhere. My journey showed me that whenever I am connected to my Self, and therefore to everything and everyone around me, magic starts to happen and fills my life with joy and wonder. So then, what is that magic that is everywhere? What does this magic look like? Well, magic is found in the joy of being alive, in opening your heart to love and beauty. Magic is found in the synchronisities that happen in your life and bring you the option of new possibilities. Magic is the wind that refreshes you on a warm summer day. Magic is the robin that builds its nest at your front door so that you can watch the baby birds hatch and their little beaks peaking out for food. Magic is every single flower that blooms in your garden. Magic is the rainbow after a heavy rain. Magic is the stars at night and the moon shining on your face. Magic is making a wish and believing that you are worthy of it coming true. Magic is holding a baby in your arms and feeling its smile reaching into your heart. Magic is holding your loved one's hand and feeling butterflies in your stomach. Magic is cooking a meal and sharing it with others. Magic is sitting around the fire and seeing the fireflies dancing in the night. Magic is you. Yes, indeed we are all magic. We are made of light and sparkles. We are pure love and once we come back to that knowing, there is no stopping our magic. There is no stopping our power of creation.

Writing this is just as much a reminder for myself. Because sometimes I forget. And with everything that is going on in the world, it is so easy to get sucked into the depths of the mind and the ego. It is so easy to ignore our truth and claim that the magic is gone. It is never gone, it is simply invisible to us because we are hiding in our cocoon of self-pity and fear. Magic is everywhere and it is always there, it is up to us whether we choose to see it or not. The only thing we need to do is step out of our mind and into our heart. Open ourselves up to the beauty in every single moment. Be willing to experience the magic. Believe in the power of you.

Especially in times like this, it is extremely important to keep experiencing the magic. One single moment of magic in a day will lift your spirit and bring you hope and joy. And it is exactly emotions like hope, joy and love that will strengthen our immune system. Whether it is the kiss of a butterfly, or finding a heart shaped rock on your walk. Whether it is an unexpected "how are you" phone call from a friend, or no line-up at the grocery store. It's all magic and yes, magic does exist.

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