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The Essence of Being Me is Being Inspired in Connection

Today as I was driving the same road I drive multiple times a week, I suddenly noticed an Inukshuk standing on the edge of a property. It must have always been there, but I never registered it. And today it jumped out at me with full force. I knew there was a message to be heard and shared. A message of connection and inspiration.

For thousands of years these stone sculptures have been guiding people, being messengers of support, hope and respect. They were and are a means of connecting people in a most profound way., a bridge covering the distance in time and space. This Inukshuk was reminding me that if we pay attention, if we look with conscious awareness, we will see the messages that are available to us. And with those messages comes the support that will allow hope to blossom inside of us.

These days it may be easy to overlook the signs, with our mind being occupied with all that we are missing, with worries and stress, with uncertainty about the future. And it is exactly in these days that it is most important to receive the messages that are there for us. In these days it is so important to be deeply aware of our connection to everyone and everything, so important to know that we are not alone, never alone. Just like the Inukshuk would let people know where to find food, or which way to go, our messengers will bring us hope, clarity, peace, inspiration.

Where to find these messengers? Everywhere. They may not be as eye-catching as a big stone structure, but they are just as powerful. A message of joy may be sent to us by a child smiling at us on the street. A message of beauty may come to us through a snowflake dancing in the sky. A message of support may come to us with a phone call from a friend. A message of hope may reach us by way of a ray of sunlight breaking through the dark winter sky. A message of strength may be sent to us by the cashier at the supermarket being there for us day after day. A message of love may reach us through the arms of our partner. It is up to us to be aware of the message and allow it to enter our being. It is up to us to open our eyes to all these little signs of connection and inspiration that are all around us.

Thousands of invisible threads connect us to all that is. Everything and everyone around us is a messenger. A hawk flying beside your car may be letting you know to look at things from a broader perspective. A deer in your backyard could be telling you to be gentle and loving towards yourself. A song on the radio, a sign on the side of the road, a feather on your hiking trail, an Inukshuk in someone's front yard...all there for us to see and receive the message.

On this Winter Solstice Day when we experience the longest night of the year and await and celebrate the return of the light, I invite you to look up to the stars and feel how their magnificence is a reflection of your own greatness. I invite you become aware of your connection with all that is. I invite you to send your wishes for the world into the wind. I invite you to be inspired and then become the inspiration for others. On this Winter Solstice Day may we all be inspired in connection.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, all warm and cozy, and a happy, healthy, shining and brand-new 2021!

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