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The Essence of Being Me is being a part of the big web of life

I have been seeing a lot of spiders and spider webs lately and for me that means that there is a message waiting to be heard and shared. Each time I look at a spider web, I am blown away by its beauty and its strength. To me it is a perfect representation of how everything in life is connected. I am sure you have had the experience where you walk through a spider web because you had not even seen it. Spider webs are very often only visible when the sun in shining on them. Well, it's the same with the threads that are connecting us to everything and everyone around us; they are only visible when we shine a light on them, our light of awareness.

We are all part of this big web of life and every act, every thought is sending out a vibration that is felt throughout the whole web. We are an integral part of the web of life and we carry the responsibility for its beauty and strength. Each one of us is weaving their own experience of life and is as such contributing to the whole. Everything we do, say, or think has an impact and it is up to us to make sure that the web of life is one of love.

Just like the spider will pick up anything that happens anywhere on her web, so will the universe pick up on anything that we are sending out into the web of life. We are constantly creating, weaving, sending out a vibration. And whatever it is that we are sending out, will resonate back to us. When we are weaving love and abundance, we will see plenty of opportunities entering our field of experience. When we are weaving fear and resistance, we will encounter road blocks and heaviness. Before I started my journey I never looked at my life in that way. I was convinced that things just happened to me. I did not know that I too was weaving a part of the big web of life. When I became aware and my light was shining on all these threads connecting me to everything and everyone, I saw that big beautiful web of life and was filled with gratitude for being a part of it.

Becoming aware of my role in the web of life filled me with love and possibilities, and at the same time it made me realize that I have a responsibility here. I am responsible for the life that I am weaving and for what I am sending out into the web of life. Although at times it might seem overwhelming, it is not a responsibility to shy away from or to be afraid of. It is a responsibility that comes with great rewards and tremendous joy. It is a responsibility that fuels our creativity and that opens unknown doors.

With everything that is going on in the world right now, it is even more important to shine our light of awareness on the impact we all have on the web of life. I used to think that I was not important enough to have any influence on the world. I know now that I am important and that I do have an impact. We all are and we all do. We are all powerful creators and we get to choose the yarn that we are weaving with. Let's all pick a yarn that sparkles with new possibilities and shines with love, just like the threads of a spider web sparkling with dew in the morning sun. You and I, we are master weavers and together we can and will create the most beautiful web of life.

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