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The Essence of Being Me is a Guiding Light in Times of Chaos

Over the past week I have noticed how easy it is to get sucked into fear and chaos. Just visiting the store last week left me almost breathless from the heavy, dense and frantic energy that was surrounding me. Reading the messages on social media reporting on the situation in my home country Belgium, made me feel anxious about the safety of my elderly parents over there. So yes, I noticed how easily fear and panic can creep into your being.

I was also very aware of the importance to not allow this energy to settle into my being. Fear, panic, stress are no help to strengthen our immune system, on the contrary. These emotions are not helping us and they are not helping anyone around us. Panic and fear create an energy of hopelessness, of limitation and frantic action. They are destructive and leading us nowhere.

So, I decided to be committed to not allowing this fear and panic to take over. And that is where my essence stepped in. My essence is my guiding light in this chaos. It shows me the way to that place of peace, hope and love. It grounds me and keeps me focused on what is real. Every morning I make a commitment for the day, whether it is to be grateful or to spread love and kindness. This commitment helps me to focus my mind as the day goes on. Because fear and panic are there, you know, they are lurking to come and invade my being. My commitment to what I want to experience that day is like a big STOP sign for panic and fear. I refocus, take a deep breath and feel peace settling inside of me.

Every day I make a conscious effort to connect with my essence, whether it is through meditation, walking in nature, or writing. And this connection provides me with the clarity I need to move through this chaos. What this clarity has been showing me is that we are not on our way to being destroyed, but that we are on our way to being reborn. We are in a major reset of the world as we know it, a reset that has long been coming. That is clear to me and that is the energy I want to send out. An energy of possibility instead of limitation, an energy of hope instead of fear, an energy of love and beauty.

Yes, the situation is bad, there is no denying that. But we are in this together and in unity we find strength and truth. That truth is that there is so much love, kindness and beauty to be found in this chaos, if only we are willing to look. Think about the people of Italy making music and singing on their balconies. Think about people taking care of their elderly neighbors and bringing them groceries. Think about all the people around the world working tirelessly to help, heal, feed, support others.

Just look for the love and beauty that are there, soak it in and let it bring some peace to your heart. Make a commitment in the morning on the energy and emotions you want to experience and let it help you to refocus and calm your mind. Connect with nature if you can and let it help you find the connection to that place of calm and clarity inside of you.

Writing this piece makes me feel connected, calm and centered and it is my hope that it may bring you the same.

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