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The Essence of Being Me


The journey continues. I decided it was time to share with you the messiness, the confusion, but also the magic and limitlessness of what it means to be me. In my book The Taste of Becoming Me I talk about how I discovered the magnificence of who I really am. And that is absolutely true, but there is so much more depth to it. Because, you know, although I am this spiritual light being, I am also this human that has a mind and carries memories and stories. I am a human being with weaknesses and needs. And yes, my journey has taught me to recognize the traps of my mind, but that does not mean that I don't have times where I fall into them anyway. I will fall into the trap of feeling worthless and unappreciated. I will fall into the trap of believing the old story that I am not enough. I will and I do. Regularly. I am a human being.

And you know that is the depth in the magnificence of being me. Having these experiences, these emotions does not mean that I am any less magnificent. The magic happens when I can see the messiness and confusion for what they are: a moment of growing even more into myself. Sometimes it takes me a little while because I am choosing self-pity above expansion. And, you know, that is OK too. It never takes too long because I know what is waiting on the other side. I know what it feels like to step out of the trap and accept the invitation to grow. And that is what I would like to share with you. Yes, there is messiness and confusion on the journey, but it is all part of it. It's all about discovering the magic in that amazing, messy, confused being that you are. I want you to know that we are on this journey together and I am so much looking forward to travelling with you.


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