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Murielle Bollen


My name is Murielle Bollen and I am one of your hosts at the Essence of Being Retreats. I am excited and grateful to welcome you and guide you during these relaxing weekend getaways. It is my mission to provide you with experiences, tools, and new possibilities to infuse your life with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

I am the author of “The Taste of Becoming Me -  Imagine That Cancer Is Not the End, But the Beginning… - A journey of healing, courage, and discovering the true Taste of Life”. I am also a licensed Practitioner of Trame Therapy, a traveler, a shaman at heart and a cancer survivor.

My cancer diagnosis propelled me on the most important journey of my life – the journey of searching for my true self and loving this self unconditionally. It became a journey of deep healing and of discovering a taste of life that is more phenomenal than I ever could have imagined. I believe that everybody deserves to be offered the opportunity to become who they are meant to be, to love themselves unconditionally and taste life to the fullest.  I found that true healing has to happen from the inside out and therefore made it my purpose to share my knowledge, my experience and my intuitive wisdom with the world.

Co-creating these retreats with Marise Foster is a journey of true alignment with our Being, resulting in an extra-ordinary experience, both for us and our guests.

While originally from Belgium, I have lived in Canada and the US and have now settled for the Toronto area in Ontario, Canada.

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Marise Foster

Welcome. My name is Marise Foster,  one of your hosts at the Essence of Being Retreats. It is with great enthusiasm and honour that I welcome you as you consider joining us on our next weekend retreat taking you away from your everyday busy life. This is an invitation and opportunity to Be, to discover and clear any hidden stress that drain your energy and power.

I have been on a quest for health and happiness my whole life which has evolved into a passion for understanding what it means to be human and live an extra-ordinary life.


After going through my  own personal (and sometimes painful) awakenings and deep healing, I was gifted with a deep understanding of perspectives, self acceptance, authenticity and confidence I did not have before. I gained the experiences that are beyond intellectual theory which allows me to see you in me.

As an Integrative Health Practitioner and founder of Numa Wellbeing, I am committed to be of service to others guiding people towards greater vitality, inner peace and clarity of mind. Offering programs and retreats that are grounded in years of study and practice in: energy therapies, yoga, meditation, holistic nutrition, and advanced spiritual studies.


It is a privilege to co-create the Essence of Being Retreats with Murielle Bollen uniting our skills to create an experience of empowered living.


As a fellow student, my journey of discoveries continues my ever-deepening path to greater listening, learning and expanding my understanding of human and spiritual embodiment.


I look forward to sharing the experience of Being, Love and Peace.


I was born in California, raised in Montreal, Quebec and am now living in the greater Toronto Area in Ontario with my two beautiful children.

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