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Essence of Being Retreats bring you to your Essence


Each retreat touches and inspires the soul to live and create a conscious life.  Gain clarity on what really matters to you,  clear the emotional burdens that get in your way, consciously create yourself newly and discover the power of abundance through heart centered living.  Come to love and accept yourself through self care and nourishment. Leave your Essence of Being retreat knowing that you are the difference in the world.

Note: Each retreat is a stand-alone retreat with no necessity to participate in the other parts. Following the cycle will however bring you a deeper and greater understanding of your Self and your role as powerful creator in this life.

February 8 & 9, 2020

Part One

Empowering creation

Living with Purpose

Through a process of uncovering your true purpose and deepest desires, you are guided to take the first steps to set everything in motion to manifest the life your heart is yearning to live. 


What if you could make 2020 a year to remember?

Typically at the beginning of a new year we all make New Year’s resolutions. Things we feel that need a change, things that were not really working for us in the past year, things we want to bring into our lives. And typically we are very convinced and passionate about those resolutions for the first few weeks of the new year and then, unnoticeably at first, they start to move to the background, life takes over, and before we know these resolutions are gone and we don’t know how to find the energy to bring them back.

Sounds familiar? Well, how about in 2020 you are going to do things differently? How about defining and setting New Year’s resolutions that are grounded in your being and set up so powerfully that they stick with you? How about finding such deep completion with your past year(s) that their energy no longer lingers and threatens to take over? How about signing up for our Empowering Creation Retreat and changing your life for good?

Following the unique Essence of Being concept of moving through the Medicine Wheel, this retreat takes place in the direction of the North, the place of winter, of wisdom,  of understanding, and powerful knowing. Over the course of two days, different activities will guide us through the four directions to complete the cycle of life, empowering the creation of our year 2020. It is this connection that will allow us to step into our destiny of powerful creator and set us up for success.

Activities include: Meditations, creating our “creative Heart Statement”, brainstorming and journaling, introduction to and creating the Medicine Wheel together, creating our personal vision board.

Make 2020 a year to remember and join us the weekend of February 8-9, 2020 to create your life and make it happen.

Location: Liberty Village Toronto

Price : $399 (tax included)

The retreat price includes all workshops and materials, professional coaching, lunch & snacks.  The retreat space is conveniently located downtown Toronto and participants can choose to either go home on Saturday evening or book accommodations in the neighborhood. The retreat is both days from 10.30 am-6pm.


"It was a really beautiful and peaceful experience of going inward while feeling so connected to everyone. An amazing way to start the year that I would love to make an annual tradition! Thank you for creating such a positive and uplifting space to meet the Self again and re-presence myself to my goals coming from my heart" - Alda

"This retreat met and exceeded my expectations. This was truly a wonderful experience. Thank you for creating this amazing experience for us!" - Lara

"Very helpful to get clarity and direction. I now have a clear definition of purpose. I loved the overall experience, it was the perfect way to ground and bring focus to the new year and path ahead. " - Jordan

part TWO

clearing the shadows

Be Magnificent

Clear the shadows and obstacles that stop you in expressing yourself fully so you can stand in the light and power of your magnificence as creator of your life. Taking place in the East of the Medicine Wheel, the place of the rising sun and pure potential.


"This is a labor of love for Murielle and Marise. They attend to every individual guest. They do an amazing job of creating beauty,comfort, and space for the participants. We all felt that we were surrounded with love and creativity. The retreat offers an effective way of getting a breakthrough in awareness and possibilities that come with getting one’s power back. " - Parvin

"The meditations were powerful! So well guided creating great inside imagery and bringing out emotion - shadows and joy. So therapeutic and cathartic! Amazing. I love the use of the singing bowl, it was so comforting. ​" - Kathy

"The well thought holistic structure by Marise and Murielle ensured an easy flow towards the essence of being. Letting  go of the shadows and bringing light. Great Work!" - Hany

medicine wheel.jpg

Part three

aligning with the essence of self

Living with Gratitude

Tap into the power and source of wealth, abundance and joy. Unleash the essence of your full self expression and have your heart blossom with love and gratitude. Taking place in the South of the Medicine Wheel, the place of fire, power and support.

The Solstice and Equinox are key moments in the sun's journey through the sky and provide an opportunity for us to connect with the cosmic journey of the soul. Join us for a weekend of celebration and conscious expansion.  Discover your deep connection to all life and the harmony and abundance flowing from this oneness. 

Activities include: Meditations,  yoga,  brainstorming and journaling, introduction to and creating the Medicine Wheel together, a traditional Despacho ceremony, outdoor fire, creative workshops


Marise and Murielle are extremely passionate about building a community of growth and abundance. Creating a very safe space for growth and harmony. The attention to detail and planning was very amazing. Heartfelt gratitude to these amazingly beautiful women for a wonderful experience. 


Lynda (November 2019 participant)

Part four

Fueling Manifestation

Celebrating Life

Nourishing and cleansing the body to release what no longer serves and strengthening its vitality to fulfill on manifesting your dreams. Celebrate life with vitality and manifested accomplishments. Taking place in the West of the Medicine Wheel, the place of completion and healing.

We are inviting you to a weekend of Beauty In its purest form, from clean delicious food, to soul soothing meditations and sensory experiences. Discover the beauty and power of the present moment and step fully into your calling as creator of YOUR life. 

All the creative activities together helped me understand that we are on a life journey and that self-love, knowing our soul, being authentically connected with mind, body, and soul brings inner peace and contentment. My overall experience met my expectations and so much more. This retreat was very well and thoughtfully planned. Thank you Marise and Murielle.

Kathy (April and November 2019 participant)



1 day workshops coming soon

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